Portfolio prep

Introductory Portfolio Review

– I think it would be best to start with an intial assessment / portfolio review. Determining your strengths and weaknesses will be the goal here and to find what type of images will best suite you and your style. A personal plan will then be created in order to help you grow efficiently. Either in the form of assignments or a template to build a stronger portfolio.


Weekly paintover critiques

At any stage in your image creation process I will provide a few paint overs, this will either be a demonstration pointing you in the right direction or correcting some progress you already made. This will either be live or in video form, regardless you will have the opportunty to ask questions. Not only will you improve your artistic eye, and understanding but you will paint with more confidence.


Exclusive demos

Each week Ill provide an exclusive live or video demonstration covering topics that will help you with your painting. This will also include assissting in gathering proper reference material for you.


Exclusive art Handouts-

Ill provide PdF’s that highlight relevant terminology complete with examples where applicable. Consider them art cheat sheets.


wk1 intro& essesment (1hr)
wk2-wk7 work weeks (2hr)
1 hour for critiques
1 hour for demos & lecture

wk8 final critique (1hr)


Fees per program

$750.00 USD. for a 8 week 1 on 1 mentoring 


How/ when can I start?

Space is extremely limited and spots are first-come-first-serve. If I am currently full I’ll put you on the waiting list. Ideally just email me a few weeks before you want to start.

Are there any requirements for this mentorship?

Skype or facebook for communication, im available for calls and messaging. Photobucket or drop box is ideal for sending files or images and of course Time and dedication


How to Apply

Asnwer the following:

1) What do you want to improve the most (area of focus/subject matter)?

2) What would your ideal job be?

3) Would you be looking to build a portfolio or start learning fundamentals?